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Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc. and the WIFLE Foundation, Inc. are both commonly known as simply WIFLE. WIFLE has been in existence since ICWIFLE in the 70's when it was an interagency committee formed by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Treasury. WIFLE incorporated a non-profit organization in June 1999 as Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc. to better continue the work of ICWIFLE.  The WIFLE Foundation, incorporated in 2006, is the the educational arm for WIFLE providing Annual Leadership Training, seminars, and Scholarship Programs. The WIFLE Executive Leadership Institute (WELI) established in 2011 provides immersive leadership training sessions for GS Grades 13, 14, 15, and SES (and State, county and local equivalents) which are held in conjunction with the Annual Leadership Training. To this day, WIFLE continues to be the only non-profit in the United States dedicated to addressing reasons why women remain underrepresented in Federal law enforcement.

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  • President Sanz at the Policia de Investigaciones de Chile (PDI) at the police academy. These women participated in the round table discussions which included the top ranked woman officer to the new cadets. Training at the academy is three years long and is a live in situation. The officers graduate with the equivalent of a college degree. The agency size is 6000; 30% are women. Material to read includes the remarks and keynote: PDF



    View from the U.S. Ambassador's back yard.

    Seminar on Women Leading in Security and Justice
    hosted by the University of Chile Law School

    Pictured are
    Teniente Coronel Sra. Yexica Salas Roa- Gendadarmeria de Chile (Prisons Division, Ministry of Justice)
    Judge Lidia Poza, President of the Chilean Association of Women Judges (MACHI)
    Prefecto Inspector Veronica Lagos, (PDI Investigative Police)
    Francisca Werth, Executive Director, National Prosecutors Office
    General Marcia Raimann, Carabineros de Chile (uniformed police)
    Catherine Sanz, Executive Director WIFLE
    Vice Dean Maricruz Gomez de la Torre who gave opening remarks

    The Minister of Justice Javiera Blanco spoke and Ms. Sanz was the Keynote speaker on Women Leading in Security and Justice.

  • Support the Presidentís Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report:  Citing the Urgent Need for Transformational Culture Change in Policing through the Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of  Women and Minorities

    Issued March 2016

  • Final Report of the President's Task force on 21st Century Policing  Link to WIFLE Material


  • Addressing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination in Federal Civilian Employment A Guide to Employment Rights, Protections, and Responsibilities.  Resource guide developed by the Office of Personnel Management, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office of Special Counsel, and the Merit Systems Protection Board.  Link to WIFLE Material.


  • Justice Department Issues Guidance on Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
    Document link
    Gender Bias Policing Guidance Fact Sheet
    Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias Website

  • WIFLE Strategic Plan, Vision and Mission, 2016 PDF

  • An Examination of Eight Factors Influencing Women's Retention in Federal Law Enforcement, Dr. Helen H. Yu, WIFLE Board Member.

  • Interim Report by Task Force ||  WIFLE Testimony submitted to President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing
  • Presidential Memorandum -- Modernizing Federal Leave Policies for Childbirth, Adoption and Foster Care to Recruit and Retain Talent and Improve Productivity




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