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 ApplicationS and Criteria available at current annual training website


WIFLE Annual Scholarship Program  (WIFLE's regular Scholarship Program)

•   A scholarship application form and filing instructions are posted to the WIFLE Web annually to coincide with the June WIFLE Annual Leadership Training.  Check the conference web pages about February of each year for scholarship details, filing deadline and forms.  

WIFLE scholarships are awarded based on a student’s academic potential, achievement, and commitment to serving communities in the field of law enforcement. The scholarship is open to all eligible persons. To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must:

• Physically attend and be a full-time student at an accredited four-year college or university; or be currently enrolled in a full-time in a fully accredited community college with the intention of transferring to a four-year degree;

• Have completed at least one full academic year of college work at an accredited college or university or community college;

• Major in Criminal Justice or related discipline such as social sciences, public administration, computer science, finance, linguistic arts, chemistry, physics, etc., leading to a four-year degree (Students in graduate and postgraduate programs are also eligible; students pursuing Associate degrees are not eligible, unless as stated above, fully articulate in the application their intention to transfer to a four-year program.);

• have a minimum 3.0 overall grade point (GPA) average;

• demonstrate a commitment to the community through a 500-word essay describing their involvement in a community project, and the results or impact of that involvement to the community; OR, if the applicant if currently serving or has served an internship with a law enforcement agency, preferably a federal law enforcement agency, the applicant must provide details including the name if the agency, the dates served and describe the value of the experience and the accomplishment through the internship in a 500-word essay;

• have at least one community leader or member of a community or police official sponsor their application with a written statement of support;

• submit a completed application with the required information, 500-word essay, transcripts, and a recommendation letter from a community leader or police official;

• be a citizen of the United States.

Scholarship Program for WIFLE Members Only

Member Only Scholarship Program (Introduced in 2009)

• As an additional benefit to its Regular and Associate members, WIFLE offers one scholarship to a member or member-sponsored applicant. Once selected for the award, the student will receive an additional automatic scholarship in the following year, without renewing the application. Applicants sponsored by a WIFLE member (in good standing) and WIFLE members sponsoring themselves (who are members in good standing) are eligible.  


Scholarship application forms, eligibility and criteria, and filing instructions are posted to the website annually, coincide with the WIFLE Annual Leadership Training.  Check the current Annual Leadership Training Program website for details and deadlines.