Awards Program

WIFLE provides for awards which are presented during the leadership training conference. 
Opens February each year; nominations are due May each year. 

WIFLE formally solicits Agencies by letter once a year to nominate individuals who have demonstrated significant achievements to compete for the various annual WIFLE Awards. WIFLE is the only organization to offer these awards to recognize exceptional courage, outstanding accomplishments, and significant contributions that have advanced the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in federal law enforcement. Additionally, WIFLE honors a federal prosecutor for exceptional work resulting in the conviction of individuals for trafficked women or children for sexual exploitation; committed or attempted to commit a crime of violence against women/or any minority group; committed a civil rights violation; and other heinous criminal offenses.
On June 17, 2014, WIFLE President Catherine W. Sanz announced a newly established WIFLE "Elizebeth Smith Friedman Intelligence Award of Excellence." This announcement was made during the dedication ceremony of the ATF National Headquarters’ Auditorium at ATF's National Headquarters in Washington DC in Honor of Prohibition Investigator and Cryptanalyst Elizebeth Smith Friedman.

Award application forms, eligibility and criteria, and filing instructions are posted to the website annually to coincide with the WIFLE Annual Leadership Training. Check the current Annual Leadership Training Program website (about February 1 each year) for details and deadlines.


  • Julie Y. Cross Award®

  • Elizabeth Smith Friedman Intelligence Award of Excellence

  • Outstanding Federal Law Enforcement Employee Awards

  • Outstanding Advocate for Women in Federal Law Enforcement Award

  • Top Prosecutor Award

  • WIFLE Leadership Award

  • WIFLE Partnership Award (Outstanding Contribution of a State or Local Officer Serving on a Federal Task Force)

  • WIFLE Foundation Public Service Awards

  • WIFLE Scholarship

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