Workshop Proposals

WIFLE invites potential contributors/presenters to submit proposals for consideration as a workshop for the Leadership Training.  WIFLE normally does not pay for speakers or presenters.  Instead, we offer you an audience of attentive law enforcement members of the Federal, State, and local governments which can lead to future paid speaking engagements.  WIFLE is open to proposals each year during February, March, and April.  For your planning purposes, Workshop Training Sessions run 90 minutes and may be presented twice in one day. 

Each year the training focuses on a different current topic for law enforcement, Civil Rights and Procedural Justice.

Popular sessions include topics such as leadership in the workplace; adversity and diversity; gender equal supervising; crisis management; professional growth and development; skills to survive management challenges; and, task-specific panels and workshops such as crisis management; handling difficult employees; addressing training needs and similar topics.


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