WIFLE members are women and men in Federal, State and local law enforcement; individuals in positions which support Federal, State and local law enforcement; private corporate supporters; and, WIFLE associates and affiliates. Categories and criteria are listed below. WIFLE will review your application for completeness and to be sure you meet the criteria of the membership category selected. WIFLE reserves its right to make final determinations on your application. When there are questions, we will contact you. WIFLE uses online credit card processing for its membership fees.  

See below for WIFLE membership options.

Membership Benefits:

  • leadership training

  • advanced skills seminars

  • networking and important job-related and life-related information of interest to all women in law enforcement

  • membership directory 

  • quarterly WIFLE Newsletter

  • online networking

  • links to WIFLE partners and reduced-fee services

  • recruitment and retirement information

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