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 WIFLE Strategic Plan


Women in Federal Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc.
Strategic Plan
January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2023

  • Strategic Goal 1:  Training, Professional Development and Leadership Enhancement

.    WIFLE will continue to provide training opportunities to support the professional and leadership development of women in law enforcement.  WIFLE’s training programs serve as an educational/advanced training resource and professional platform which provides opportunities for women law enforcement leaders and future leaders to sharpen their corporate skills, network with other rising executives, expand their professional readiness, prepare for positions of increasing responsibility, and better position themselves to effectively compete for career enhancement opportunities.
.    WIFLE is recognized internationally for its excellence in a broad spectrum of training that includes tactical, operational, investigative, organizational, professional development, and management/leadership curriculum. WIFLE training priorities are consistent with the goals set forth by Executive Order 13583, namely, workforce diversity, workforce inclusion, and sustainability.

Action Items:

·         Develop and deliver operationally significant training topics relevant to all member agencies for inclusion in the annual training curriculum;
·         Promote alliance with the Office of Personnel Management, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as with Federal Department levels, to encourage continued support and participation in WIFLE training; 
·         Ensure that the training agenda includes tactical, operational, and professional development topics geared towards for women law enforcement professionals, sworn and non-sworn, in all phases of their careers from entry to the senior executive service level;
·         Provide training that includes strategies, trends, and research to foster the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in federal law enforcement professions.

WIFLE’s Women’s Executive Leadership Institute (WELI) will develop women in federal law enforcement for positions at the managerial and senior executive levels.
Action Items:
·         Develop and extend managerial and executive leadership training informed by member agencies’ goals and needs;
·         Design and implement high-caliber training with a focus on mentorship informed by corporate and academic leaders;
·         Focus leadership training on the unique factors and challenges faced by women in Federal law enforcement;
·         Explore avenues to expand its annual training program to include regional training seminars.

  • Strategic Goal 2:  Collaborative Partnerships

WIFLE will serve as a voice for all women in federal law enforcement to inform, advise and advocate for the benefits of a diverse workforce to law enforcement partners, policymakers, and Congress.
WIFLE will continue to partner with corporate, not-for-profit, and public institutions to support initiatives, further dialogue on issues, and present training on topics that are fundamental to WIFLE’s mission, vision, and values.
Action Items:
·         Direct forums on priority issues, such as human trafficking in collaboration with WIFLE’s strategic partners.
·         Lead major initiatives that bring further clarity to global issues impacting women, such as the White House Council on Women & Girls and the Office of Personnel Management’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Feedback Assistance Roundtable.
·         Contribute to leadership development forums with stakeholder organizations, such as:  National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA), National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) and the National Asian Peace Officers Association (NAPOA).
·         Further establish purposeful rapport with senior executives throughout the federal government to assist with efforts to maximize the progress of women law enforcement professionals. 
·         Leverage existing Federal agency partnerships and relationships to promote support for the recruitment, retention and professional growth, and leadership development of women in federal law enforcement, and to support the development and sustainability of family friendly policies and workplace flexibilities for law enforcement professionals.

  • Strategic Goal 3:  Scholarship and Mentoring Programs
WIFLE, through its Board and membership, will identify, support, recommend, champion, promote, and encourage strategies that increase the recruitment, retention and promotion of women, at all levels, in federal law enforcement through our scholarship and mentoring programs.
Action Items:
·         Further expand outreach opportunities to promote WIFLE scholarships and mentoring programs.
·         Evaluate and strengthen the effectiveness of WIFLE outreach programs.  WIFLE’s current flagship outreach programs include:  Girls Scout Patch Program, Big Sisters, etc.
·         Broadcast details about WIFLE scholarships for women pursuing degrees in law enforcement-related fields through long-established partners in the academic arena.
·         Publicize WIFLE scholarships through long-established contacts and relationships with other law enforcement organizations, such as NOBLE, HAPCOA, Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association (FLEOA), International Association Chiefs of Police (IACP), etc., along with retired senior law enforcement personnel.
·         Promote the WIFLE scholarship and mentoring programs to our sponsors. 
·         Develop and hold joint mentoring training, sessions, and programs in partnership with member agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Strategic Goal 4:  Relevant and Credible Research
WIFLE is the only non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to identifying barriers to the recruitment, retention and promotion of women and recommending solutions to the underrepresentation of women in Federal law enforcement.  WIFLE promotes empirical research that provides advice and guidance for agencies and that should be considered in the development of agency policies for their recruitment and retention strategies.
WIFLE strives to be recognized as a leader in research and a knowledge management center on issues facing women in law enforcement.  WIFLE will further conduct relevant and credible research regarding the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in law enforcement with a focus on removing systemic barriers and issues surrounding the recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion of women in federal law enforcement.
WIFLE will strongly advocate for reformation, refinement, and implementation of programs, policies and initiatives in order to increase the number of women in federal law enforcement, at all levels, to achieve gender equity in the profession. 
Action Items:
·         Collaborate with colleges, universities and foundations in furtherance of relevant research projects, to include those of doctoral candidates.
·         Collaborate with our partners to conduct and share research in areas of mutual interest. This research will be presented as information for agencies and/or WIFLE to develop model policies.
·         Provide significant research findings to the WIFLE Executive Committee, the WIFLE membership, law enforcement agencies, and the public, as appropriate.
·         Continue to appraise research grant opportunities.

  • Strategic Goal 5:  Strategic Communications and Professional Relations
WIFLE will coordinate, collaborate, coalesce, and proactively work with its’ partners, through a variety of internal and external communication platforms, in order to provide training, conduct and publish academic research, provide professional consultation, advertise professional developmental opportunities, recognize achievements and award scholarships.
Action Items:
·         Deliver timely information via the WIFLE website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, etc. to its membership, to law enforcement components and to the public regarding applicable changes in policy, emerging trends in law enforcement, and items of concern and relevance impacting in federal law enforcement.
·         Deliver timely information via published quarterly newsletters, posted agency job announcements, and professional development opportunities.
·         Conduct monthly agency representative meetings, quarterly executive meetings and quarterly conference calls within WIFLE membership as well as outreach to all law enforcement components and the general public where applicable.
·         Educate the public and increase interest in matters concerning women law enforcement professionals through external media outlets (television, newspaper, radio, internet, etc.)
·         Conduct press conferences, issue press releases, and publish articles to increase awareness and advocate/educate on issues impacting the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in federal law enforcement.
·         Present research and scientific findings that promote and increase the recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion of women in federal law enforcement.
·         Seek out opportunities to prepare and submit congressional testimony on issues and barriers affecting women in federal law enforcement.
·         Promote upcoming leadership and training opportunities, and scholarship and award programs to the members, agencies and the public, as appropriate.

  • Strategic Goal 6:  Strong Sustainable Organization
WIFLE will maintain its reputation and authority as a non-profit organization and the only one of its kind by continuing to identify, support, recommend, champion, promote and encourage identified best practices that increase the recruitment, retention and promotion of women, at all levels, in federal law enforcement.
Action Items:
·         Maintain a strong and sustainable management team and revenue stream.
·         Provide the highest quality professional leadership training for our stakeholders.
·         Conduct a post-conference survey to acquire feedback on the annual leadership training conference.
·         Maintain current sponsors while seeking to develop new sponsors for funding support.
·         Organize, direct and promote the Annual WIFLE Silent Auction, Julie Y. Cross Memorial Golf Tournament, and other annual fundraising events to raise funds for the WIFLE Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Program.
·         Organize, direct and promote an annual membership drive to encourage WIFLE membership.
·         Direct annual consultations with federal, local, state, and international law enforcement agency heads to enlist support for and promotion of WIFLE goals.
·         Maintain financial and resource accountability through monthly financial reports as well through a published annual financial statement.
·         Archive and maintain the history of women in federal law enforcement.

  • Performance Measures:
Each January, the WIFLE Board will meet with the President and Vice President to review and approve the strategic plan.  The Board will also review the annual operating plan, to include all strategic goals and outcomes, such as specified future actions, responsible persons, and completion dates throughout the year that will be executed in furtherance of the strategic tactics selected for completion.


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